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Time for a change?
Unhappy with some aspect of yourself or your life?
Tired of living your life trying to make others happy?
Want to do something different?
Do you feel like there is something holding you back?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you ready to achieve new levels of success and happiness?
Then this book is for you!
Set yourself free!

What's Inside

Based on the life of Author Susan Armstrong, this book answers the question of how she went from addicted, abused and homeless, to international speaker, award-winning trainer and author. Using a mix of examples, stories, and easy-to-read principles this book provides you with techniques and tips that will allow you to finally break free, achieving confidence for life.

Part One

The Science of the Invisible Prison

Secret 1 The Power of Your Brain

Secret 2 You Are the Centre of Your Own Universe

Secret 3 The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Secret 4 Your Secret Weapon: Confidence and Self-Esteem

Secret 5 Five Proven Techniques for Developing Self-Esteem

Secret 6 Daily Activities for Developing Self-Esteem

Part Two

Harness the Power of the Universe and Set Yourself Free

Secret 7 The Science of The Universe

Secret 8 Universal Truths (Spirituality)

Secret 9 How to Manifest The Life You Desire

About Susan

Susan Armstrong is a gifted personal growth teacher, author and international speaker, leading workshops for over 20 years to help individuals overcome their barriers to personal and professional success.

Susan appears on many television and radio shows including Discovery Channel’s Health on the Line, Life Television, CHTV Morning Live, Rogers Television’s Woman to Woman, One-on-One and is a repeat guest on the Valder Beebe Show, an award winning spiritual talk show. She has been honored by CAMH as an “Extraordinary Person.”

I’m finding it quite profound. I’ve never had my thought processes explained in such a way. I find myself re-reading sections over again to let it soak in.

I can’t fly through this one like your first book. That one was about you. This one feels like it’s about me…I can see myself in at least 2 stories.

—KAREN C., London, UK

You can discover peace and happiness within yourself! And Sue is a catalyst for that discovery – she shines the light and guides you.

—LOREN C., Brussels, Belgium

Susan's approach to coaching is built a single key principle: our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves – often at a sub-conscious level – dictate virtually every aspect of how we live our lives both personally and professionally.

—BARBARA DE ANGELIS Ph.D., #1 NY Times Bestselling author

You have enormous power, light, and the ability to inspire and uplift others. You are wonderful!

—J.R., Midland

Educational, inspiring and most of all entertaining. Sue is very down-to-earth and has an enormous amount of wisdom to share.

You encouraged. You cheer-led my baby steps. You held my hand when I needed that and enabled me to feel safe. And gradually, the power of being heard, really heard and not judged, began to unlock the layers.

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9 Secrets for Setting Yourself Free

Confidence for Life

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